Sunrise (Ningbo) Precision Metal Parts Inc.

Available Specification

Kennametal tunneling picks: C21, C21HD, C31HD, C31, C32, U40HD, U765HD, TS5, TS8, U47, S100, AM514, CJ2, U7, U7L.

Betek roadheader part bits: B47K22H, BKS157.

Other crusher teeth: FC-899

Contact us for more specification. We can also customize upon request.

Our Expertise

1.Selected tungsten carbide tips ensure best cutting performance.

2.Hard & tough steel body.

3.Assured high brazing strength.

4.Rigorous quality control system is performed for consistent quality.

  • MTKR2501 Tunneling tools mining rock drill bits
    (Equivalent to C31HD)
    Bit shank ø = 25 mm
  • MTKR2502 Mining rock tools crusher tooth
    (Equivalent to U765HD)
    Bit shank ø = 25 mm
  • MTKSS501 Roadheader drill tooth crusher picks
    (Equivalent to U47)
    Step shank ø = 38/30 mm
    For penetrating hard rock and concrete
  • MTKSS201 Tunnel drill shear mining machine picks
    (Equivalent to TS5)
    Step shank ø = 38/30 mm
    For extremely hard cutting conditions
  • MTKSS202 Coal mining parts tunneling bits
    (Equivalent to TS8)
    Step shank ø = 38/30 mm
  • MTBSS601 Roadheader bits cutter tooth
    (Equivalent to BKS157)
    Step shank ø = 38/30 mm
  • MTKR3001 Coal mining crusher roadheader cutting tooth
    (Equivalent to AM514)
    Bit shank ø = 30 mm
  • MTKR3401 Conical coal mining bit crusher tools
    (Equivalent to S100)
    Bit shank ø = 34 mm