Sunrise (Ningbo) Precision Metal Parts Inc.

Available Specification

Pengo Forged Teeth: BC58F, 35, 35G, 35P, 50E, 101, 9234, 60, 15T50, 7R55, 16R55, 7, 1650, 1652, 1851, 80, 201, 211, 132, 134, 90, 909, 2070, 111

Pengo Carbide Teeth: 1336, L1336, 35PC, RB36, RB56, RB58, 1656, 1658, TK225, 2077, 2078, 299, CB10, 006002CB, 5T, TC112, TC212

Contact us for more specification. We can also customize upon request.

Our Expertise

1.Selected tungsten carbide tips ensure best cutting performance. (For carbide teeth)

2.Hard & tough steel body.

3.Assured high brazing strength. (For carbide teeth)

4.Rigorous quality control system is performed for consistent quality.

  • DAPF1001 Pengo forged flat teeth
    (Equivalent to 35 teeth)
  • DAPF1002 Wear parts forged tooth
    (Equivalent to 35G teeth)
  • DAPF1003 Replacement drill auger flat teeth
    (Equivalent to 35P teeth)
  • DAPF1301 Auger drill flat dirt tooth
    (Equivalent to 60 teeth)
    Can go with pockets WO1, WO2, 2HD
  • DAPF1701 Drilling rig picks digging teeth
    (Equivalent to 16R55 teeth)
    For ordinary digging
  • DAPF2001 Forging auger dirt teeth
    (Equivalent to 80 teeth)
    Can go with pockets 4HD, 9P
  • DAPF2501 Pengo auger tooth
    (Equivalent to 211 teeth)
    Can go with pockets WO5, WO8, WO9
  • DAPF3001 Pengo auger teeth
    (Equivalent to 909 teeth)
  • DAPF1501C Pengo auger drill carbide tooth
    (Equivalent to 1336 teeth)
  • DAPF1502C Pengo auger flat carbide teeth
    (Equivalent to L1336 teeth)
  • DAPF2101C Tungsten carbide auger teeth
    (Equivalent to 1656 teeth)
    Apply on high abrasion soil
  • DAPF2701C Pengo carbide flat teeth
    (Equivalent to 1658 teeth)
    Apply on highly abrasion soil
    Install in outside pockets
  • DAPF3002C Tungsten carbide auger flat tooth
    (Equivalent to TK225 teeth)
  • DAPF4401C Foundation drilling carbide tooth
    (Equivalent to 299 teeth)
    For rock abrasion
    Can go with pockets WO5, WO8, WO9
  • DAPF2201C Tungsten carbide cutting tooth
    (Equivalent to CB10 teeth)
    Can go with H10 pocket
  • DAPF1801C Tungsten carbide cutting teeth
    (Equivalent to 5T teeth)