Sunrise (Ningbo) Precision Metal Parts Inc.

Available Specification

Casing Teeth / Quick Change Blocks: WS39, SH35, WS95 96, WS-BLOCK, BA47, BHA04, CC-C, CC-O

Welding Bars: BA10, BA13

Contact us for more specification. We can also customize upon request.

Product Application

Casing teeth are mounted at the cutting ring of drill casings or core barrels.

Our Expertise

1.Selected tungsten carbide tips ensure best cutting performance.

2.Hard & tough steel body.

3.Assured high brazing strength.

4.Rigorous quality control system is performed for consistent quality.

  • Welding Bar
  • DCBW2301 Wear parts welding bars
    (Equivalent to BA10)
  • DCBW2302 Weld on teeth flat bits wear bars
    (Equivalent to BA13)
  • Casing Teeth
  • DC1Q4001 Tungsten carbide casing bits
    (Equivalent to WS39)
    Casing shoes wall thickness 40mm
    Can go with holder SH35
  • HC1Q4001 Quick change holders
    (Equivalent to SH35)
    Can go with casing teeth WS39
  • DC1Q2101 Quick change blocks
    (Equivalent to WS95 96)
    Can go with holder WS-BLOCK
  • HC1Q2101 Replaceable weld on blocks
    (Equivalent to WS-BLOCK)
    Can go with casing teeth WS9596
  • DCBQ4401 Quick change bars casing tooth
    (Equivalent to BA47)
    Casing shoes wall thickness 40mm/1.58"
    Can go with holder BHA04
  • HCBQ4401 Replaceable welding blocks
    (Equivalent to BHA04)
    Can go with casing tooth BA47
  • DCXQ4001 Tungsten carbide piling rig flat bits
    (Equivalent to CC-C)
  • DCXQ4002 Core barrel cutting tools flat cutter
    (Equivalent to CC-O)