Sunrise (Ningbo) Precision Metal Parts Inc.

About Sunrise

we are professional manufacturer !

Sunrise (Ningbo) Precision Metal Parts Inc., a Taiwan based company invested in China, specializes in manufacturing a wide selection of custom quality replacement wear parts for drilling, trenching, mining, road milling, tunnel boring, recycling and misc. wear-resist fields. Our main products cover various picks and blocks, including foundation drilling bits and blocks, HDD drilling bits, replaceable quick change blocks and welding bars for drilling casing/core barrels, trenching bits and blocks, water well drilling tools, fencing and handheld tools, surface and underground mining picks and blocks, road milling and stabilization bits and blocks, tunnel boring wear tools, recycling wear tools, steel forgings & castings,and misc.wear tools.

As a professional manufacturer specialized in customization, we welcome customers with any new / specific designed wear parts applied in all kinds of industries. With our years of accumulated experiences and expertise, we will fully support the development and durability improvement of the products.

Sunrise equips a full line advanced facilities to support all processes required to develop and to produce from dies to parts. Our high quality wear-resist parts are manufactured through the process of the proper alloy selection, the precision hot/warm forging, the machining, the heat treatment, the various hard facing and the use of selected high quality tungsten carbides with well-practiced soldering or brazing. “Quality can be mass produced”. At Sunrise, our production line assures high welding strength. Our exclusive heat treatment process enables us to make tool body with optimum hardness & toughness. Overall, based on the solid groundwork we lay down every link of manufacturing procedures, we committed to provide products with quality as OEM products but, at the same time, with affordable competitive prices.

With years of exporting experiences in the industry, Sunrise commits to maximize customer satisfaction by continually improving the manufacturing process with expertise in the industry and by incorporating proactive approaches. We have a professional engineering team with profound technical knowledge to support the product development and to improve the product performance at all times. Under cost effective solution, we endeavor to uplift the profitability on customers end for mutual benefits. Sunrise is ISO9001:2008 certified, ensuring reliable product quality under the ideal production practices. Performing quality control by inspection during production and by testing afterward ensures the quality consistency. Ultimately, Sunrise has successfully built up a well reputation among our customers by utilizing all resources to offer great quality products, timely services, punctual delivery and cost effectiveness.

At Sunrise, we take pride in our work and strive to make it perfect, every time!

Our Management Control

We anticipate and take all necessary steps to assure quality.
At Sunrise, we know what customers need before they do.
QC → QA → QM

Sunrise is reliant on total quality management and statistical control programs to assure product quality, to fulfill customer requirements and to achieve stringent government standards. 

“Knowing comes before doing”. At Sunrise, years of accumulated experiences and expertise enable us to “do it right the first time”. The accuracy along with efficiency enables no delays in our manufacturing process.

One way we execute the work philosophy is to “stop production immediately when inspecting the quality does not meet our requirement standards”. Pinpointing the problem before it spreads across make sure a smoother manufacturing process later without carrying excessive inventory and thus substantially decrease the production cost. At Sunrise, “Quality can be mass produced”. The “continuous improvement” efforts ensure us to achieve optimum quality in an effective way.

Our quality management involves more than just manufacturing products with good quality. It is also beneficial to achieve lowest defective percentage. Beside the dimensional check & appearance inspection for product conformity, the material inspection is also applied in process of production & final inspection. The overall inspections also includes:

Hardness test
Impact test 
Brazing strength test
Microstructure inspection

We anticipate and take all necessary steps to assure quality.At Sunrise, we know what customers need before they do.

We can customize for you upon requests.

we welcome any custom design enquiry.

We can customize new design.
Our professional engineering team is available to review your drawings, to check your samples, and to discuss your needs for quality replacement wear parts applied on different hardness of wear fields.
We provide options for your demand.
We welcome your discussion with us about carbide tip options/ hardfacing options for all kinds of wear-resistant circumstances. Our expertise and years of experiences enable us to support your specific requirements.
We offer various grades for different budgets.
We can provide different grades of products according to different market requirements and budgets. Our Grade A products are with similar OEM quality but with a much affordable price. They are served with best quality steel and carbide tip material, and with extra procedure add-on to assure quality.  For markets that price is the main concern, we can also practice flexible ways to meet.

Our Production Capability

Production Capability
Precision die forging,  hot & warm Hardfacing & Cladding Plasma cladding
Carbon & alloy steel casting Induction cladding
Custom machining CO2 MAG hard facing
CNC machining Welding MAG (CO2) welding
Heat Treating Anneating or Normalizing TIG (Arc) welding
Quenching & Tempering Arc Welding
Austempering Soldering & Brazing
Case / lnduction hardening Assembling
In-House Tooling Shop
Forging die

Machining fixture